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Off the Shelf vs. Custom-Built CRMs

In this article, we go over why working with a CRM consultant to heavily “customize” a generic CRM such as Salesforce or hiring a software development firm to build a custom CRM is a risky and potentially expensive option that can result in a failed implementation.

4Degrees 2022 Year in Review

2022 was a year of growth and learning at 4Degrees. We kept busy building a more comprehensive product and adding new features and improvements based

How to Find Limited Partners for your Private Equity or Venture Capital Fund

As a GP at a venture capital or private equity fund, you need access to capital, and limited partners (LPs) are the investors who can invest in your fund. Traditionally, raising money from LPs has been a very opaque process, and there is little information available for emerging GPs looking to raise their first funds.

Private Equity Terminology

Private equity is an alternative asset class where general partners from a private equity firm raise funds from limited partners and deploy the LP’s invested

Private Equity During a Recession: Opportunities and Risks

It is late 2022, and economic uncertainty is the topic du jour. With the stock market in bear market territory, record levels of inflation, and a Federal Reserve hell-bend on raising interest rates to get inflation under control, investors are searching for alternative investment opportunities, and some see the private markets as an attractive choice.

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