A Quick Overview of SQLAlchemy

We see a lot of questions about SQLAlchemy while building 4Degrees that have proven particularly difficult to answer quickly or research independently, so we’ve put together a quick guide to how we use it!


Common Networking Mistakes — Not Following Up

To kick off our series addressing some of the most common mistakes people make when developing their professional relationships, we figured we’d start with a cardinal sin of networking: meeting someone and then never following up.


Driving M&A deal flow through your network

Best practices for driving M&A deal flow through your network, including who to target as great sources of deal flow, how to find said targets and how to grow those professional relationships.


A case against software dependencies

There are many reasons that we’ve come to believe dependencies hinder effective development, and this article will explore these points in detail, providing our perspective on why we think they make a compelling case for not using dependencies.

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