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Corporate Development Software

The Rapid Evolution of Corporate Development Software

These are strange times for corporate development teams. Profit and cash flows are both historically high, interest rates remain stubbornly low, and entire industries are undergoing substantial transformation to cope with the evolution of the world around it, including the fallout of a COVID-dominated 2020.

Investment Banking Deal Flow

Driving Investment Banking Deal Flow

These are unprecedented times for the investment banking industry. Profits and cash flows are historically high, interest rates are perennially low, and the industry is undergoing substantial transformation both across and within firms.


The Modern Private Equity CRM: The 7 Must-Have Elements

The private equity industry has progressed by leaps and bounds from the “good old days” of twenty or even just ten years ago. More assets are being managed, more firms are experimenting with new strategies, and models for diligence and operations have become more and more sophisticated.


Q&A With Edgar Mendoza

Edgar Mendoza, Angel investor and CDW Executive Account Manager, discusses mutually beneficial relationships between the two roles – and his thoughts on investing, diversity, and diligence.

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