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Understanding Our New Normal

We’re in unprecedented times: the world is facing the worst pandemic in modern history and not a single person or business across the planet hasn’t been affected in a serious way.

What it’s really like on Designer Island

Being stranded on Designer Island can be challenging, but it’s so rewarding. You’ll get real influence over how a product is being built, and that’s the best experience any designer could ask for.

A Quick Overview of SQLAlchemy

We see a lot of questions about SQLAlchemy while building 4Degrees that have proven particularly difficult to answer quickly or research independently, so we’ve put together a quick guide to how we use it!

A case against software dependencies

There are many reasons that we’ve come to believe dependencies hinder effective development, and this article will explore these points in detail, providing our perspective on why we think they make a compelling case for not using dependencies.

Implementing PostgreSQL with Barman

Implementing PostgreSQL with Barman

This past weekend we at 4Degrees completed a database transition from Microsoft Azure’s managed PostgreSQL service to a self-hosted PostgreSQL solution with Barman for backups. We had

Deal Flow Management

We’re Making Moves

We’ve been busy since first launching 4Degrees back in July: Techstars, market validation, customer discovery, product design/engineering, and a surfeit of red pandas. It’s been

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