Relationship Building

We recently had a conversation with David Mann, partner at Dundee Venture Capital, exploring how he started in the industry, the importance his network plays in the firm's growth, and ideas for the future.
Sourcing deals is one of the most important and time-consuming activities performed by venture capital firms. Let's explore warm & cold inbound and outbound deal sourcing.
Warm introductions are always preferred over cold outreach for providing a foundation for a strong professional relationship. But if you’re not careful then you could run afoul of several potential pitfalls of this networking fundamental.
Cold outreach. It’s the third rail of relationship development: some people hate it, others swear by it. So what’s the deal with this controversial networking tool?
With great power comes great responsibility. While introductions are a great tool for furthering your relationships, they can be a double-edged sword if you don’t follow some best practices.
To kick off our series addressing some of the most common mistakes people make when developing their professional relationships, we figured we’d start with a cardinal sin of networking: meeting someone and then never following up.
Best practices for driving M&A deal flow through your network, including who to target as great sources of deal flow, how to find said targets and how to grow those professional relationships.
An exploration of the potential good and bad scenarios of living in an automation-first world, and how to ensure technology makes our relationships richer.

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