Relationship Building

Common Networking Mistakes — Not Following Up

To kick off our series addressing some of the most common mistakes people make when developing their professional relationships, we figured we’d start with a cardinal sin of networking: meeting someone and then never following up.

Driving M&A deal flow through your network

Best practices for driving M&A deal flow through your network, including who to target as great sources of deal flow, how to find said targets and how to grow those professional relationships.

Authentic Networking

How to Build a Network with Authenticity

I’ve spoken with hundreds of people to learn how they think about their relationships. One recurring theme really popped out: nearly everyone wants to make sure that their relationships are developed with authenticity.

4Degrees – Accelerated!

We just finished Techstars Chicago – momma, we made it! David and I were already convinced of the value of the program and how it

Level up your productivity

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