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Jonathan Fine, Director of Business at S3 Ventures, talks their steps towards finding an easy-to-use platform to manage deal flow in real-time.

“Using 4Degrees has been phenomenal.”

– Jonathan Fine

4Degrees streamlines sourcing, relationship building, and portfolio support –
tailored to the unique needs of venture capital firms.


Keeping track of multiple sectors at different opportunity points became very complex along with the process being manually updated.


To create use an easy to use and maintainable platform to manage deal flow and networks in real time.


New levels of connectivity and the easy use of features enabled the maintaining of robust profiles and opportunities.

The Challenge

Keeping track of multiple sectors, at different opportunity points, grew in complexity as their venture firm’s volume of deals increased and–without a pivotal single point of assistance–their team relied on manually updating different statuses and deal attributes scattered across spreadsheets and folders. As new sectors were added and prospects discovered, maintaining these multiple systems became increasingly labor-intensive. 

They needed an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain platform to manage deal flow and collective networks in real-time.

The Solution

S3 sought out a CRM that allowed them to support deals and contacts as seamlessly as possible while adapting their broad investing activities across a variety of sectors. Choosing 4Degrees streamlined meetings and increased their ability to maintain updated information from both contacts and deal flow. Ultimately, it made the process of evaluating and comparing deals seamless.

The Results

Fine explains, “4Degrees has increased the speed of being able to log new deals and contacts directly from our inbox, along with helping to populate the CRM with higher quality data. The platform helped us inform our decisions and have a more comprehensive view of our investment opportunities and our contacts. We now have regularly updated profiles of deals and opportunities we’re evaluating along with analytics and patterns that build strategy.”

The ease of speed in which his firm’s team can log new opportunities has led to a more robust ability to work through their sales pipeline, ultimately creating a stronger, more nimble company. 

All team members are now on 4Degrees. The newly-implemented platform allows for efficient meetings while users simultaneously pull information from the internet, emails, meetings, and fundraising data. The process is made much more efficient by an active view of deals and in real-time updates of client profiles, changes in status, and even different deal attributes.

S3 Ventures’ team has taken advantage of 4Degrees ability to single out key individuals on upcoming trips, and as they visit portfolio companies, helping them make the most of trips from both a contact and deal flow perspective.

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