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Alyson DeNardo, Partner at MaC Venture Capital, discusses their path to find a platform that keeps their team on the same page at all times.

“4Degrees provides the best customer experience that I’ve ever encountered.”

– Alyson DeNardo

4Degrees streamlines sourcing, relationship building, and portfolio support –
tailored to the unique needs of venture capital firms.


Finding a platform that could fill in the holes in their information flow, along with the ability to keep their team organized and connected with their deal tracking.


To work collaboratively with full access to a system that had a robust reporting structure and the level of customization needed.


The entire team is on the same page, improving deal flow efficiency by at least ten percent.

The Challenge

Alyson DeNardo, partner at MaC Venture Capital, needed to solve a problem. Holes existed in their information flow. Opportunities came in, notes were entered into a standard project management software, then the cutting, pasting, and copying began–information was copied into email, then shared with a team. Analyzing prospect data was another step. Keeping track of deal flow required even more work. This fragmentation meant important details were slipping through the cracks.

The Solution

Mac Venture Capital required a system that would allow their team to work collaboratively with full access to a robust reporting structure. The system would have the capacity for intelligent data tracking, and the ability to keep the team on the same page, all the time.

DeNardo’s team reviewed several solutions, including Salesforce, but found that only 4Degrees offered the level of customization that they required. 

The Results

After a seamless onboarding experience, Mac Venture management quickly realized that the 4Degrees platform exceeded all their requirements. They found 4Degrees manages everything from inbound leads to portfolio management of their company database.

4Degrees’ robust reporting structure answers the who, what, when, and where of deals. The system allows the team to be on the same page, working collaboratively, smarter, and faster.

They are now able to collaboratively share data from conference calls, making follow-up scheduling, and retrieving prior conversations quick and simple. 

Simply put, DeNardo explains, 4Degrees is the complete back-end for VC funds. Everything is in one place, and everything has a home – a vital tool in their company’s continuing success.

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