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Rachel West, Director of Business Development at RevTech Ventures, discusses their journey towards better integration, smoother deal-flow and a streamlined work process.

“4Degrees is the best CRM in the world. It is truly a godsend, and I am beyond grateful for it.”

– Rachel West

4Degrees streamlines sourcing, relationship building, and portfolio support –
tailored to the unique needs of venture capital firms.


Using different spreadsheets, emails and project decks with no centralized repository resulted in ineffective communication and tracking of companies.


To find a CRM that combined price and the functionality that we need.


More effective communication that streamlined deal-flow and continues to save lots of time.

The Challenge

Rachel West, director of business development at Revtech Ventures, needed a quick way to get up to speed on current relationships after accepting her new position at the venture firm. With a core mission of fostering relationships to help advance the retail tech industry, her position rests on communication with colleagues and contacts.

Finding the right CRM became job number one. At that time, the team used only spreadsheets, emails, and decks to track numerous startups. They were unable to communicate effectively with each other as there was limited context of current relationships.

The Solution

The previous Director of Business Development highly recommended 4Degrees to West. After reviewing competing CRM’s, comparing capabilities, and piloting up to ten platforms, the new director chose 4Degrees. No other product combined price and functionality as well as 4Degrees. 

The Results

The 4Degrees platform creates a window into colleagues’ correspondence, allowing her to communicate effectively and keep track of situations easily. The easy-to-use search engines integrate tags, making it simple to retrieve and analyze information.

Introductions for strategic contexts resulted in greater revenue growth between her portfolio companies and strategic contacts. Through using 4Degrees’ searching capabilities she is better able to ensure good fits between investors and institutional investors.

Deal sourcing within 4Degrees creates a consistent methodology, too, as since she is able to track different deal offers from recurring contacts, understanding the full context of the source and the opportunity.  

West estimates 4Degrees saves her at least an hour each day. Now, she and her team can get up to speed faster within various fields by knowing just how and when they’ve reached out to someone.  

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