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M Accelerator + 4Degrees

About the 4Degrees CRM

Meet 4Degrees – the AI-powered CRM that helps you stay current on the relationships that matter most to your business.

By leveraging machine learning and multiple integrations, the 4Degrees CRM is able to: 

  • Know your strongest connection – by analyzing your team’s network to help you find your best path to a company, investor, or expert in seconds.
  • Engage thoughtfully – Get alerted to job changes, news, investments, and other insights about your network.
  • Eliminate data entry – by enriching data about deals in your pipeline and suggest relationships to help close them and add value.

Private investing, consulting, and commercial real estate firms all over the world use the 4Degrees software to leverage their most valuable asset: their collective network.

Find out how 4Degrees can help your team do more with less by scheduling a demo call today.

About M Accelerator

M Accelerator is a hybrid accelerator/incubator in Los Angeles with a dedicated workspace and programs for founders, managers, and students.

Over the first 3 years, M Accelerator helped 250 participants from 20 different countries with bootstrapping new businesses, entering other markets, and raising more than $16M.

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"4Degrees is seamless - simple, easy to use, and helps us stay organized."
Mo Muhtaseb
Fortuitous Partners