Build Better Professional Relationships

How We Help

We fuse relationship data and context...

With our intelligence engine...

To help you manage your network

Who should I contact?

How should I build this relationship?

How can we work together?

Sector-Specific Value Propositions

Venture Capital

Treat companies as relationships, not accounts

Intelligent tags by sector, stage, and geography

Workflow automation

Private Equity

Manage executive relationships

Match talent to portfolio companies

Asses deal source quality


Maintain candidates outside of active processes

Find organic opportunities to stay top of mind

Stand out to candidates and companies

The Team

Ablorde Ashigbi


David Vandegrift


Tatyana Shestopalova

Full-Stack Engineer

Kathryne Dunlap

Front-End Engineer

Wolf Bruckner

Back-End / ML Engineer

Recognition & Media

Proud members of Techstars Chicago '17

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