We are equalizing opportunity by enabling better relationships

Our values

User centricity

Our users' needs and trust in us guides our decisions.

We are entrusted with precious information - we pledge to keep that secure and to only use it in our users' best interest.


We help our users make and maintain genuine connections. We foster the same on our team.

We value integrity, and encourage open dialogue and transparency wherever possible.

Diversity of perspective

Diverse networks and diverse teams lead to better outcomes.

We focus on reflecting diversity of all kinds on our team and within our product.


We measure ourselves by our positive impact on our users and on the world.

We avoid hierarchy, have a bias towards action, and are relentless in pursuing impact.


Scale allows us to maximize our impact.

Building great products requires us to go above and beyond. We're unafraid to take risks and are excited to expand our capabilities.

Passionate about strengthening relationships?

Our team

Ablorde Ashigbi

  • Throws hammers
  • Eats BBQ

David Vandegrift

  • Not sure if human or AI
  • Knows more Disney songs than you

Tatyana Shestopalova

Technical Product Manager
  • Pitbull aficionado
  • Struggles to differentiate cats and raccoons

Kathryne Dunlap

Front-End Engineer
  • Murder podcast aficionado
  • Likes Mouth Sounds

Heather Noe

Lead UX Architect
  • Avid shoe wearer
  • Serious Michael Jackson fan

Darian Bailey

Back-End Engineer
  • Will sing for you if you ask really hard
  • Heavily influenced by The Matrix

We're hiring!

Various positions open at our Chicago office

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