The 4Degrees platform identifies the right connections for you to focus on, works with you to strengthen those relationships over time, and helps you activate your network when you need it.
The human element

What's our secret?
Great People.

We’re an ambitious, driven team that is combining the best practices of the world’s top relationship builders with artificial intelligence.


Join Us

We’re currently seeking entrepreneurial talent for a variety of roles.

Our values

User Centricity

Our users’ needs and trust in us guides our decisions.

We are entrusted with precious information – we pledge to keep that secure and to only use it in our users’ best interest.


We help our users make and maintain genuine connections. We foster the same on our team.

We value integrity and encourage open dialogue and transparency wherever possible.

Diversity of Perspective

Diverse networks and diverse teams lead to better outcomes.

We focus on encouraging diversity of all kinds on our team and within our product.


We measure ourselves by our positive impact on our users and on the world.

We avoid hierarchy, have a bias towards action, and are relentless in pursuing impact.


Scale allows us to maximize our impact.

Building great products requires us to go above and beyond. We’re unafraid to take risks and are excited to expand our capabilities.

Backed by World-Class Investors

The Team

Ablorde Ashigbi

Ablorde oversees business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.
He’s also been known to throw hammers and eat BBQ.

David Vandegrift

David is responsible for the technology that drives the 4Degrees platform, as well as making the product vision a reality.
We’re not sure if he’s human or AI, but he knows more Disney songs than you.

Kathryne Dunlap

Front-End Engineer
Kathryne is the front-end engineer at 4Degrees.
She enjoys fluffy dogs, knitting sweaters, and bar trivia.

Darian Bailey

Back-End Engineer
Darian architects many of our core features and machine learning models.
He’ll also sing for you if you ask really hard, and is heavily influenced by the Matrix.

Kayla Smith

Product Designer
Kayla is the product designer. She designs the product(s).
She has a peanut allergy, it’s something she lives with. It’s a part of her, she’s learned to cope with it.

Donnie Batryn

Mobile Engineer
Donnie maintains and improves the out-of-app counterparts of our platform.
He also has a glam rock alter-ego, and produces his own music (4Degrees theme song coming soon.)

Rod Austin

Head of Marketing
Rod oversees the marketing, growth and communications functions at 4Degrees.
He’s also color blind, so if the website looks a little off, you’ll know why.

Noemi Romero

Customer Quality Engineer
Noemi helps our customers get the most out of 4Degrees, and also drives much of our QA processes.

Sarika Tyagi

Implementation Engineer
Sarika helps our users get set up on the 4Degrees platform and get the most out of it over time.
She’s an amateur boxer and made it to the semifinals of the 2019 USIBA National Boxing Championship.

Jon Neseth

Account Executive
Jon helps prospective customers determine how 4Degrees can best satisfy their business needs.
Jon loves baseball, college football and the music of Tim Bergling.

Moshe Praver

Full Stack Engineer
Moshe works across the tech stack, bringing new, powerful functionality to the platform.
He also enjoys playing the piano and has a Siamese cat aptly named Simon. Fun fact: he used to be a doctor.

DeShawn Armistead

Account Executive
DeShawn guides customers through 4Degrees’ solutions to accurately meet their goals.
He also enjoys traveling, vegetarian dining and replying to messages using movie quotes.

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