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In this guide, we'll provide you with an overview of the private equity due diligence process that you can use as a starting point when evaluating potential investment opportunities.
This article offers our list of must-read books for investment bankers. Use these resources to grow your career as a finance professional or aspiring investment banker looking to break into the profession.
Investment banking marketing is a unique challenge. Regardless of if you’re representing a startup in a private placement, or a corporate finance team looking for buyout targets, you have multiple audiences that you need to stay in front of and build relationships with. And these audiences aren’t just financial institutions and management teams but also those that might refer you to them.
In this guide, we give you a high level overview of the current status of the VC industry in 2022, including how you should approach deal sourcing.
Deal flow is the lifeblood of private investing and finance professionals. As an investment banker, you work day and night to create partnerships with clients and provide deal flow to investors.
This article goes over various technologies and specific pieces of software General Partners at VC firms should consider adopting when building their VC tech stack, focusing on increasing productivity and gaining a competitive advantage.
Here are the biggest trends in investment banking technology. These tools - and the trends that birthed them - are key to thrive in a competitive industry.

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