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Ablorde Ashigbi

Ablorde Ashigbi

Is the CEO of 4Degrees, a Chicago-based technology company, building relationship intelligence software for relationship driven industries. Before 4Degrees, he was an investor at Pritzker Group, and a consultant at Bain & Company.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with Harlem Capital to better serve our customers and help all professionals build better relationships!

One of our core beliefs is that a relationship network is a defining element of a team’s success or an individual’s professional trajectory.  While most systems focus on managing transactions, we believe that Relationships > Transactions, in three ways:

  • More important: The relationships we build are more valuable and meaningful than any one transaction.
  • Larger: The number of relationships that matter to our careers and lives is larger than the set of transactions we’ll be involved in.
  • Leads to: Great relationships lead to transactions – either directly, or indirectly through referrals, follow-on business, and positive reputation.

We’ve been hard at work over the past few years, building a product to help teams unlock the power of their relationship network.  One that combines:

  • Automation to remove the tedious parts of managing a network – entering contact information, or remembering when you met that person.
  • Intelligence to help grow key relationships and utilize a team’s network – including finding your strongest path to a company, introduction tracking, and job change alerts.
  • Workflows to help bridge the gap between relationships and transactions – including deal tracking, reminders, and reporting.

We’re excited to put this capital to use to reach more relationship-driven teams – and enable new ways that our customers can accomplish their ambitions through their relationships.   

We’re particularly excited to be working with a fund that champions Black and Brown founders.  The Harlem Capital team has built their entire firm on that premise – and as a Black founder, I’m proud to stand alongside them in that mission. Through 2 AM customer introductions and text messages, we’ve already seen how hard they work for their companies.  We’re glad to have their counsel, network, and expertise on our side as we scale. This partnership is even more meaningful to us in the wake of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery – working with one of the few funds built and run by Black GPs is a reminder of all that we can achieve when given the opportunity.

Thank you to our customers, advisors, and investors for believing in us and helping us get this far.  Most importantly, thank you to our incredible team, whom we are lucky to work with.

There will be more news on this front soon – but for now, back to work!

Ablorde + David

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