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It feels like only a few weeks ago we were writing our 2021 Year in Review article. But mid-2022, it is, and our Product and Development teams have been hard at work

I can’t believe it’s already July!

It feels like only a few weeks ago that we were writing our 2021 Year in Review article. But mid-2022, it is, and our Product and Development teams have been hard at work adding powerful new features and functionalities designed to solve the ever-evolving needs of relationship-focused organizations. 

In the second quarter of 2022, we’ve released plenty of new features and improvements across 4Degrees to help you build stronger relationships and win competitive deals. 

They are: 

New and Improved Reports

We know how important it is to have a powerful analytics platform that helps you eliminate guesswork and uncover new opportunities. 

To better empower your team with the data you need, we created a more robust and easier-to-use reporting engine with:

  • A New User Interface (UI). Making it easier and faster to slice and dice data and produce custom reports.
  • Data Visualization Improvements. To instantly generate reports and visualize data in multiple ways (pie charts, bar graphs).
  • CSV Report Exports. Allow you to move your 4Degrees reports effortlessly into Excel or other platforms. 
  • Enhanced Sorting & Filtering Capabilities. Empower you to generate more granular reports quicker and easier than before. 


Dashboard Widgets

These handy customizable dashboards allow you to visualize the KPIs you care about directly from the main 4Degrees dashboard without diving into the reports section.

This section can be customized with multiple metrics, including the number of contacts added, deals created, closed, etc.


Chrome Extension Improvements

Most 4Degrees users find the Chrome browser extension extremely valuable, so we’ve added some new features to make it even more powerful.

Extension Toolbar Notification on Generic Websites 

Quickly see if 4Degrees can help you when visiting a company’s website.

When you load a company’s website on Chrome, a yellow square on the 4Degrees extension toolbar will notify you if there are any associated deals or pre-existing connections to anyone from that company. No longer will you need to load the extension to check for deals or connections you can reference.

Chrome Context Menu

You can automatically add new deals to a 4Degrees list or search for keywords in 4Degrees via the Google Chrome extension by highlighting and right-clicking a word/phrase, allowing you to leverage the power of 4Degrees directly from your browser.

Gmail Enhanced Suggestions

Accessing the power of relationship intelligence directly from your inbox can help you find a warm introduction in seconds.

When reading an email or drafting a new message, the extension will notify you if any of your teammates know the person you are emailing or know someone who works at their firm. The extension will also notify you when your teammate last corresponded with their connection at the firm.

This new feature lets you quickly check if you have a warm connection you were unaware of.


New Mobile User Interface (UI)

The 4Degrees mobile application for Android and iOS just got a complete makeover! The new user interface (UI) is very similar to the 4Degrees web application, making it easier for you to view every detail of any deal or contact while staying on top of your relationships, deals, and tasks directly from your phone.


Printable Deal Details

If you need to share deal details with non-4Degrees users, for example, another fund interested in co-investing or learning more about a specific deal, you can now do this with just a few clicks. The new printer-friendly deal details sections allow you to print or save a PDF version of the deal detail page, including enriched data from Crunchbase and Pitchbook


Deal List Archiving

Once the purpose of a deal list has passed, you may want to preserve the value of the data stored in that list while not having a cluttered workspace full of old lists. 

The deal list archiving feature allows you to archive and unarchive lists to ensure your information is always available when you need it.


More Granular Sharing Settings

There is now more granularity in the level of information about your network and email communications you can share with other team members. This new functionality allows you to restrict a user’s access to lists, interaction types, email types, and email subject lines.

Want to learn how 4Degrees can help you eliminate busy work and manage your deals and relationships effortlessly? Click here to book a personalized product demo. 


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