Series A Data Room: How To Run the Room, Best Practices (2023)

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A Series A data room is a secure virtual space companies use to store and share confidential documents and other sensitive data with potential investors during a Series A funding round.

The Series A funding round is often the first significant financing round for an early-stage startup.

A Series A data room should contain various documents, typically financial statements, a cap table, articles of incorporation, legal documents, and other company documents potential investors request during the due diligence process to evaluate a company’s performance and growth prospects.

During the Series A round, venture capital investors will carefully evaluate the company’s financial and operational data before deciding if they’d want to invest.

Series A Investor Data Room Best Practices

When managing a company data room, ensure that only authorized groups have access to the documents and that the data room is up to security standards. However, additional factors can bring a data room to the next level.

1. Use a Data Room Provider That Sets You Up For Success

Choosing the right data room software provider can be a powerful tool for startups. A data room that is easy to use for internal/external teams and investors can be a tremendous timesaver, increasing the value of a deal.

FirmRoom is a dedicated VDR that provides a cloud-based storage center for sensitive documentation. This allows users to control who can access the information and ensures that only the intended audiences can view it.

FirmRoom users spend an average of 77% less time in a deal with these features:

  • Create groups and set user permissions to ensure that data is always confidential and secure
  • Track user activity so your team can proactively prepare for questions or prioritize investors
  • Quickly set up room structures with premade diligence templates
  • Effortlessly maintain your data room with drag-and-drop uploading, automatic indexing, advanced search, and notification settings.
  • Spend more time maximizing your deal value and less time switching between platforms with a built-in file viewer that supports 25+ formats.

FirmRoom uses modern deal and data room technology to make M&A, capital raising, divestments, and secure document management as simple as possible. With remote access to data sharing on a real-time basis, FirmRoom streamlines the process of sharing confidential information with potential investors and helps teams to work together effectively and securely.

When choosing the perfect data room provider for your needs, pick a platform that makes storing, sharing, and collaborating on important documents easier.

2. Create a Stellar First Impression

First impressions matter, even in a virtual data room. Make a good impression on prospective investors by taking the time to make the data room as organized and easily accessible as possible. A well-structured data room reflects positively on a company as it would show investors that the company values attention to detail. A clear and well-organized data room gives investors a better understanding of the company’s operations and increases their confidence in its management.

Use internal consistency in the data room to make information easier to access and understand. Avoiding jargon and acronyms that are only understood within the company can make the data more accessible to investors and save everyone involved in the fundraising process time – the fewer questions an investor has to ask, the better.  An efficient diligence process starts with a simple and well-organized data room. The fewer questions people have to ask to find the proper paperwork, the faster a deal can close.

3. Be Purposeful in What You Share

In the context of Series A funding, a virtual data room is essential for securely sharing confidential business docs with potential investors. Data rooms are specifically designed to store sensitive information, ensuring that all personal identifiable information and critical business documents are protected.

Oftentimes, data rooms will provide users with a high level of control over who has access to sensitive documents in the virtual data room to ensure the confidentiality of data. The use of multilayer security features and encryption is vital to preventing accidental disclosures and keeping the interests of all parties involved in a deal safe. These measures reduce the risk of security breaches and provide protection for companies during and after a transaction.

Be purposeful in what you share with investors. The right parties need to have access to documents at the right time, not just for security reasons but also to lessen the chance of assumptions. It’s always better to answer questions with the necessary context.

In FirmRoom, users can get as granular as hiding members from each other and masking original upload dates. These features can help control the narrative in specific cases, such as hiding the fact that a data room has been open for a certain amount of time or hiding the number of potential investors to external parties.

Similarly, FirmRoom’s built-in smart-redaction feature allows users to quickly and easily identify and redact text, images, or areas of the document without having to leave the virtual data room. Other levels of access range from view with a watermark to edit, allowing users the flexibility to tailor these levels to their specific needs.

A virtual data room is crucial for securely sharing confidential information with potential investors during the Series A funding process. By utilizing these features, companies can maximize their deal value by controlling the narrative and ensuring that confidential information remains protected throughout fundraising.

4. Proactively Prepare With Data Room Analytics

Data analytics provides a comprehensive overview of user activity within the virtual data room, helping teams understand which documents are highly viewed and downloaded by internal and external parties. A detailed audit log records and tracks every action taken within the data room and, in most virtual data rooms, can be easily filtered and tracked by group and date range. Users can easily optimize their data room experience by being proactive and setting up the metrics they want access to.

For example, a team can actively prepare ahead of meetings with data room analytics. The analytics can provide insight into who has accessed what and how long they’ve spent on each document. This functionality can be particularly useful when preparing for investor questions. Access to this data makes it possible to track buyer activity around deal engagement and make informed decisions based on gauging investor interest.

FirmRoom’s audit logs offer a heat map that allows users to visualize where each group has spent their time and prioritize investors and tasks accordingly.

Users can also track activity by individual users and export that information to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. This feature enables teams to identify which groups have been the most active in the data room, allowing for more targeted communication and follow-up. By utilizing these powerful reporting capabilities provided by FirmRoom, users can streamline their workflow and gain valuable insights into how their data room is being used to make informed decisions about optimizing their fundraising process.


A Series A funding round is often the first significant round of financing for a startup, where potential investors will meticulously evaluate a company’s financial and operational data before deciding to invest. When managing a data room, choosing the right provider, impressing investors, being purposeful with the items shared, and preparing ahead with data room analytics are all top priorities.

Speed up the fundraising process with a tool to eliminate the guesswork in VC fundraising. FirmRoom is the world’s most intuitive data room, explicitly designed to make M&A, capital raising, divestments, and secure document management as simple as possible.

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