Consulting CRM

Expand Current Clients and Win New Ones Over.

Don’t let the foundation of your consulting business – long-term relationships – rot in a jumble of spreadsheets, contact management systems, and generic CRM tools.

Our all-in-one cloud-based consulting CRM software helps you grow client relationships without manual data entry, email deluges, or analyst Google searches.

Supporting Exceptional Consulting Firms, Globally.

“4Degrees has allowed us to better take advantage of our opportunity costs, and unlocked our network’s full value.”

Unlock The Power Of Your Firm's Relationship Network

Make New Business Development a Team Sport

Uncover relationships (and their strength) across your firm in real time with the right CRM platform.

Find your next engagement by instantly scanning your firm’s relationship networks to determine the best path into a company via referral or warm introduction.

Build stronger client relationships by finding the right opportunities to engage and stay top of mind with our personalized network updates and notifications.

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Visualize and Manage Your Pipeline

Handle multiple projects simultaneously and streamline the quality of your business consulting services with high-level visibility across every stage and activity. 

Easily customize your pipeline with the stages and data points matching your firm’s workflows to serve your client’s business needs better.
Build custom reports and dashboards to view key metrics, prevent bottlenecks, and identify new opportunities.
Simplify pipeline management by tracking your entire sales process from a single view.

Ramp up on New Projects Faster

Automate your research - identify notable company events, funding history, and internal experts to call and demonstrate value on day 1.

See prior client communication across your firm - so your project management team has context to exceed your client's expectations.

Identify experts in your firm or outside independent consultants to cross-sell with and expand your work across functions, business processes, and geographies.

Avoid Missed Deliverables and Miscommunication

Avoid missed deliverables

Assign tasks, set recurring reminders to engage clients, and visualize prior client communications across the team to ensure follow-up.

Access key communications and documents from wherever you are - in the browser, in your inbox, or via our mobile apps (iOS + Android).

Sync with email marketing and marketing automation tools to create marketing campaigns and share expertise - from small business clients to the Fortune 100.

Getting Started is Simple:

We integrate with the tools and services you are already using:

  • Microsoft Outlook & Gmail
  • Crunchbase
  • PitchBook
  • Google Chrome
  • LinkedIn
  • Mailchimp
  • Excel (via data upload)
  • Multiple Data Providers
  • And 1000+ other software solutions via Zapier or API

Already have a customer relationship management system? We also integrate with select CRM systems to provide relationship intelligence alongside their sales pipeline functionality. Integration partners include:

  • Salesforce (and Salesforce variants like Navatar)
  • Hubspot
  • Other CRM solutions (via Zapier)

Level up your productivity