M&A Software

Intelligence to seal the deal, powered by our M&A software.

Don’t trust transactions worth millions to a hodgepodge of excel spreadsheets and sales CRM’s that are a clunky fit for your deal lifecycle.

Streamline your M&A process, from deal sourcing to post-merger integration.

Supporting exceptional M&A firms, globally.

"4Degrees is perfect for our needs and has made our workflow incredibly more efficient and effective. It's a great deal flow and relationship management platform that we use hourly."

Supercharge your network, streamline your process

Your secret weapon for deal sourcing

Discover news, funding announcements and other events to engage intelligently with private equity funds, corporate development teams, and other key deal flow sources.

Your deal pipeline, visualized your way

Customize it with the stages and information that matches your business development process, with minimal data entry.

Streamline your transaction process

Automate the tracking of meetings, emails, company descriptions, prior investors and other details – we capture it all so you don’t have to.

Assign tasks to deal team members, set reminders, and use our automations to run an organized, efficient deal process.

Run multiple M&A transactions simultaneously - and connect with virtual data room (VDR) solutions to speed due diligence and close transactions.

Unleash your relationship networks

Get warm introductions to management teams and suggestions for relevant buyers in your network in real-time.

Quickly identify the right investors for each transaction - we categorize them by areas of focus, and gather their work experience and historical investments.

Don't lose touch with key sponsors and deal flow sources - we provide recurring reminders to ensure you stay connected.

Getting started is simple:

We integrate with, or upload data from, the tools and services you already use:

  • Microsoft Outlook (including our Outlook add-in)
  • Gmail
  • Excel (via data upload)
  • And 1000+ other tools via Zapier

Already have a CRM system? We also integrate with select CRM systems to provide relationship intelligence alongside them. Integration partners include:

  • Salesforce (and Salesforce variants like Navatar)
  • Hubspot
  • Other CRM solutions (via Zapier)

Level up your productivity