Venture Capital

The Venture Capital CRM

that helps you invest in great companies.

4Degrees streamlines sourcing, relationship building, and portfolio support – bundled in an intuitive venture capital CRM.

Ditch the hodgepodge of excel spreadsheets and sales CRMs and get the edge you need to work with the best founders in a highly competitive market.

Supporting exceptional VC firms, globally.

“4Degrees is the best CRM in the world. It is truly a godsend, and I am beyond grateful for it.”

Streamlined relationship and deal flow management, in one Venture Capital CRM.

Strongest Connection CRM

Your secret weapon for deal sourcing

Instantly determine your best path into a company in real-time with our relationship strength detection.

Receive intelligence to find your next deal – including job changes, early-stage deals you should track in your network, and news alerts.

Your deal flow pipeline, visualized your way​

Customize your deal flow management with the stages and information that matches how you work.

Save time on data entry – we enrich company records with critical information (descriptions, locations, prior interactions, funding history) so you spend your time on what matters.

Streamline your fundraising and due diligence

Track all your prior conversations with limited partners, documents you've exchanged, and where things stand so that you are always perceived professionally.

Don't miss fast moving deals - stay coordinated with team members through tasks and automated reminders.

Quickly identify industry and functional experts in your network to help you assess deal opportunities.

Understand how your network influences your deals

Auto-generated reports sent for Monday meetings - easily identify your best sourcing activities and monitor portfolio company performance.

Mine your network for introductions to customers, talent, business development partners, and future investors.

Don't lose touch with acquirers, VC funds, or your corporate network - with recurring reminders and intelligence to help you engage.

Getting started with our Venture Capital CRM is simple:

We integrate with, or upload data from, the tools and services you already use:

  • Microsoft Outlook & Gmail
  • Crunchbase
  • Excel (via data upload)
  • And 1000+ other tools via Zapier

Already have a CRM platform? We also integrate with select CRM systems to provide relationship intelligence alongside them. Integration partners include:

  • Salesforce (and Salesforce variants like Navatar)
  • Hubspot
  • Other CRM solutions (via Zapier)

Are you a Private Equity firm, wondering if we can serve you?  

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