Why Choose 4Degrees Over Attio?

Work With a System Designed For Deal Driven Teams Not Sales Teams 

Attio is a lightweight industry-agnostic CRM and deal management tool built for startups looking to recruit, sell and raise funding.

But your firm needs more than just a transactional deal management tool to remain competitive. Success in the private markets lies in activating and leveraging the power of your relationship networks.

In a world where the strength of your relationships is vital for your firm to source and close deals, you need a system designed to support complex deal flows and manage long-term relationships.

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4Degrees is an intelligent relationship intelligence CRM platform for deal-driven teams designed from the ground up by former investors.

4Degrees identifies the right connections to focus on, works with you to strengthen those relationships over time, and empowers you to activate your network to source new deals, conduct diligence, and support your portfolio companies.

Attio is a UK-based entry-level CRM focused on startup sales teams and small VC firms.

Deal-driven teams using Attio to manage complex transactions are at a disadvantage since the product lacks AI-driven insights and data enrichment capabilities, requiring users to spend considerable time updating contacts and activities manually.

Why Choose 4Degrees?

Purpose-Built for Deal Driven Teams

4Degrees is built explicitly for dealmakers.

We understand your unique processes, workflows, and the pivotal role relationships play in every step of the deal process.

Attio is not 100% geared towards deal driven teams. They have a broader focus and a more industry-agnostic product.

Save Time With Automated Enrichment

With 4Degrees, automatically enrich and keep records updated by leveraging third-party datasets (Crunchbase, PitchBook) and data points from your team's emails, meetings, and contacts, saving you hundreds of hours per year while keeping your database clean and accurate.

Attio lacks data enrichment and requires data to be entered manually.

Deploy and Onboard Quickly

With 4Degrees, start generating insights in hours.

Deploy 4Degrees and automatically surface all prior interactions from your email inbox and calendar so your team is always in the know.

Attio Requires continuous data imports via CSV .

News + Alerts About Your Network

4Degrees is the only platform that combines relationship + deal tracking with contact intelligence – surfacing when key relationships have changed jobs, made investments, or other signals to help you source more opportunities.

Flexible Transaparent Pricing

At 4Degrees, We charge a flat per user per month subscription fee (monthly, annual or multi-year), and we craft implementations around your firm's needs (including a free option).

Attio has a more complex pricing structure.

Key Features + Capabilities

Relationship Management

4Degrees supports complex relationship-driven dealmaking with features designed for deal teams, not transactional sales.

Attio, excels at helping salespeople move deals along a linear pipeline and lacks the complexity to manage relationship-focused deals.

Relationship Intelligence​

Find the best path to a warm introduction in minutes.

4Degrees uses algorithms to analyze the strength of your relationships and help you identify the best approach to a specific company.

Attio lacks relationship intelligence capabilities.

Data Enrichment

Data entry is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Attio,enriches contact records with data sources from undisclosed data providers.

4Degrees extracts data from your email communications, calendar, and meetings while enriching company, and deal data with information sourced from 3rd parties, including Clearbit, Crunchbase, and PitchBook.

Contact Tracking

Contact and company profile pages are table stakes in any CRM yet non-existent in Airtable.

4Degrees allows you to automatically add contacts by syncing your email accounts, directly from LinkedIn or via a CSV export.

Additionally, all profile page fields are fully editable to fit your unique needs.

Mobile Access

Get work done and strengthen your professional relationships at any time by having access to all your data directly from your phone.

Regardless of what OS you use, both the Attio and 4Degrees mobile apps are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.


We know you rely on multiple tools to stay on top of your work.

4Degrees can seamlessly integrate with hundreds of other products you are already using, including Slack, OneDrive, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Excel, Crunchbase, etc.

Airtable integrates with other apps, yet it may be a lengthy and clunky process depending on the app and use case.

Analytics and Reporting​

By having access to pre-configured templates and the option to create custom reports, 4Degrees empowers you with the data you need to understand and streamline your team's performance.

Attio does not have pre-configured reports, requiring users to spend hours creating their own reports and dashboards.

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