Customer Stories

Ashley Kegan, Director of Corporate Development at Accelerated Growth, discusses their journey towards managing contacts smoothly and efficiently.

Justin Demes, Principal at Fuller Road, discusses their journey towards managing contacts smoothly and efficiently.

Chris Fahey, VP of Talent at Volition Capital, discusses how 4Degrees is used  to supplement their existing CRM, find talent, and improve operational efficiency across the investment team.

Michael O’Neill, Partner at The Great River Company, talks about their journey to find a platform that was built for private equity.

Lance Dietz, Principal at KB Partners, talks through their journey towards improving deal flow and overall operational efficiency.

Edwin Olsson, Investment Professional at NEA, discusses the efficiency and operational improvements they’ve experienced by selecting 4Degrees.

Raaid Hossain, General Partner of Pay It Forward discusses their journey towards unlocking their network’s full value.

Rachel West, Director of Business Development at RevTech Ventures, discusses their journey to better integration, smoother deal-flow and a streamlined work process.

Aaron Perman, Principal at S3 Ventures, discusses their steps towards finding an easy-to-use platform to manage deal flow in real-time.

Alex Ray, Director of Business Development at The Heritage Group, talks through the improvements they’ve seen in efficiency and relationship management by selecting 4Degrees.

Christoph Rohde, Transaction Manager at FASE discusses how 4Degrees has empowered his team to gain a deeper understanding of their network and save hundreds of hours by streamlining their deal flow. 

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